Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How did I know....

I figured since I created this blog over a month ago it was about time I wrote a blog.

Life for me over the last year and a half has beeen amazing. I think I am truly growing into my adult me and I have begun to find myself as so many often put it. I basically have learned to stop living for others and do what I want. I married the love of my life and things have been great. Lauryn Hill puts it best in her sond "I just want you around" as corny as it sounds thats how I feel about Amir I just really want him around.

Since the wedding the question I get sooo often is How did you know that he was the one. All I can say is I knew I found true love for sooo many reasons but here is a list of some of the moments when I was just sold.
  • Amir and I have been together 6 years and in that six years I have done lots of foolish silly things that could have risked this relationship. I knew he was the one because of his patience. Amir is one of the most patient men I know and the fact that he demonstrates that patience on a daily with me makes me know that he is it for me.
  • You know how in movies couples can always tell what the other is thinking or complete their sentences, or perfectly order a meal for their significant other without skipping a beat? Thats totally us. Amir always knows what I am think before I speak. He knows what I love to eat he knows me sometimes better than I know me and that means ALOT to me.
  • Anyone who knows me knows when I am mad thats it leave me alone, stay away, stand clear, and if you really want to continue to be friends just hope and pray I am not to mad because I have very big tendency to cut people off simply because I rather not be bothered. Amir is the ONLY person who can make me super upset but all I want to do is talk to him and work it out.
  • He knows about 1,000 ways to make me laugh
  • He encourages me everyday to strive for all my hopes and dreams.

Like I said I really can go on...with my reasons for how I knew and what it was about him that made me know he was the one but at the end of the day its because I never felt this way about any one else and it feels so right.