Friday, June 25, 2010


So we have a game plan! I will be 41 weeks tomorrow and can only remain pregnant until 42 weeks so induction will be done a week from today if Alex is not out on his own.

In the mean time I have an appt Tuesday morning where I will be taking Castor Oil under the supervision of my midwife and I will also have my cervix/membranes stretched and swept to induce labor I am hoping this works. If that doesn't work Thursday morning my midwife will insert Cervidil as a last resort and finally on Friday or Thursday night I will be in the hospital being administered Pitocin which I absolutely want to avoid so PLEASE pray for me. I really think I am holding back the inevitable tears/breakdown because I really don't get why my body won't do this on its own.

I am scared and frustrated and a lot of those around me have not helped to make me feel any better but I am not giving up hope and if I can help it Alexander will be a JUNE baby, meaning he will be here by Wednesday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am going to be pregnant FOREVER!!!!

OK hopefully not. But I just had my 39/40 week appt today and I have NOOOOO progress. Not dilated still only about 50% effaced and soft cervix. I am so discouraged and wish I didn't even get the internal exam. But baby is doing fine and my due date is SATURDAY. I have a Non Stress Test and Ultrasound scheduled for next week.

I am getting extremely frustrated with those around me it seems that people keep rushing my baby. Granted I want him here YES but I also am trying extremely hard to be patient and realize he will come when he is ready. So the "your still pregnant" or "When will they induce you" comments are a bit overwhelming and a tad bit annoying. I actually got into a debate earlier with someone who told me I was wrong for letting that annoy me! Since when do others get the right to tell you how you can feel?

Tomorrow is my last day of work YAY!!!

Thats all I got for now....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Amazing Birth Story

So I spend a lot of time on this website called The site has message boards where you can discuss pregnancy and other things related to motherhood. There was a woman who was not to far behind me in pregnancy who was preparing to give birth at The Farm in Tennessee. Ever since Porcha told me about this place where she delivered her daughter I have been captivated by Farm stories and love to read them. Ina May is one of those women I think very highly of and she truly shapes my thoughts on birth.

Any who the woman on thebump had her baby at the end of May and I just read her EXTREMELY long birth story. If you have the time its definitely well worth the read. Funny thing about her story as I read her story she speaks of a woman named Claudia who was present for her birth. My Birthing Assistant was on the Farm at the time of this birth and I am almost positive this is the Claudia she is referring too.

Here is her story.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

39 Week Survey

I dont do these often but I am Hoping and PRAYING this is my last one lol.

How far along? 39weeks

How big is baby? somewhere between 5 and 8 lbs midwife said she highly doubts he is even 7 lbs lol

Weight gain/loss? At my last appt I lost 3 lbs but I think thats because the weight I gained the week before was due to swelling. I am officially 129 and I started at 105 (Yes I know I am tiny but look I am 4"11 how much do you expect me to weigh??? LOL)

Maternity clothes? exclusively

Stretchies? Amir of course noticed the ones that have developed around my belly button

Sleep? I think I got up almost EVERY hour last night lol. Various reasons lack of comfort, had to pee, cold, hot lol

Best moment this week? Baby changing his position!

Movement? All day everyday

Food cravings? None Although Ice Cream still always sounds great.

Food adversions/foods that make me sick? None

Gender? Boy

Labor signs? Contractions come and go they get me excited and then they disappear!

Belly button in or out? Out....Someone told me it may not go back in :-(

What I miss? Not feeling so BIG

What I am looking forward to? Baby coming!

Milestones? 7 days until my EDD

New things this week? nothing

Weekly Wisdom? Try not to let the last few weeks overwhelm you and stress you everything will work out! I am a bit of a control freak and was starting to panic when I realized things do not have to go my way lol

Emotions? I can cry at the drop of a dime these days!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

38/39 Week Appt

Since I have been going to my appts at the 5 day mark next weeks appt will be considered my 40 week appt instead of 39. If I have to go in again past that 40 week appt I have to have an ultrasound and Non Stress Test to check on my little man. I can go to 41w6d without being induced so this one NEEDS to come when he is suppose to lol.

Any who todays appt was GREAT!!!

Baby is no longer posterior WooHoo!! I was so worried about the labor his position would cause and I am so happy he turned. I definitely think the Chiropractor helped.
Also one of the benefits in birthing at a Birth Center was that I would not have to be hooked up to an IV but I was told a few weeks ago I tested GBS positive and would need to get antibiotics during labor which meant I needed an IV. I was really sad about this as I HATE IVs. I was told today that I tested positive at 12 weeks and the antibiotics they gave me then treated it. When they tested me at 36 weeks i was negative so I do not need antibiotics!!! I am so happy.

Thats it on the appt front. I wont have another internal until maybe next week so I am not sure of any progress to my cervix. Let's keep our fingers crossed I go in BEFORE my next appt lol.

Heres a quick pic comparison. One is 33 weeks and the other 38. I can not believe how big I got in only 5 weeks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Stubborn child

So I may or may not have mentioned in the past that my little man is "Sunny Side Up" or Posterior. What this means is even though he is head down his back is to mine and that is still not a proper birthing position.

A baby ready to deliver should be positioned like this:

Mine is positioned like this:

I was being patient because I figured he would eventually turn around and get into a proper position as we near closer to my due date. I guess I was wrong because he is STILL posterier. What does this mean? It puts me at risk for a longer harder labor, It also puts me at risk for a labor that can be more painful and possibly stall. Stalled labor can lead to a C-Section which I think we all know for me is NOT an option if it is in ANY way preventable.

So what can I do....I am going to a chiropracter Saturday that specializes in rotating babies. He came highly recommended from our Bradley Instructor, Midwife and our Birthing Assistant. I am also doing specific excercises daily to get this baby to turn. Otherwise I am just going to pray about it. As birth nears I hear more and more comments about how my decision to birth the way I have chosen is crazy and I "will change my mind" this is not going to happen.

I am believe it or not looking forward to labor and delivery. Amir told me last night he wants to catch the baby which is something I am SO excited about. The dad had 3 responsibilities according to Claudia our Birth Assistant. They are Catch the baby, Call or Confirm the sex of the baby, and Cut the cord. I know some people dont care about those things but Amir playing an active role in bringing our son into this world means SOOOO much to me. When we first met Claudia Amir said he was in no way doing any of the above mentioned. He said he MAY cut the cord. I never mentioned it again I felt this was his choice and his wish. So last night when this came up again and Amir said he absolutely intended to do all three I was so happy!!! I really can not wait for this baby and that includes laboring abd delivering my child the way I have always intended. YES I know it will hurt but it will be absolutely worth it when I am holding Alexander in my arms!!