Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its A......

So We had out anatomy scan today and we totally gave in! We originally agreed to wait until the birth to find out what we were having but has the tech was sitting there showing us our baby we just said forget it. I was thinking it but Amir spoke it lol. Sooooo We are having....

A BOY!!! I am excited! and can not wait to meet Alexander Kelson Greene!!!

The tech he was healthy and doing well and everything looked good. I go for my 20 week appt next week.

Here are some pics! Two face pics and one is a peak at the Goods :-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nursery Ideas

I am 17 weeks today!!

I had my 16 week appointment with Marsha last week and all is well. The babys heart rate was 148/bmp and my blood pressure was normal. She did say I need to eat more I have only gained one pound since my last appointment. My problem is that I am never hungry until about 2pm so by the time I eat I have missed most the day. So I am trying to get better with my eating.
Our big ultrasound is set for January 28, 2010. I feel like things are speeding I still remember finding out I was pregnant and Now I am 17 weeks...its crazy!

We picked out our crib and are actually going to get it today. Its on sale at Babies R'US so we feel like we should take advantage. Its a convertible crib and when you purchase it before the 21st you get a free changing table which was 200.00 on its own.
Here is the crib:

We also have picked out some bedding. I chose this bedding because it was not in the traditional pastel family and because I didn't think I needed a yellow or green nursery just because we don't know the sex. The bedding is Chocolate Brown and Turquoise. It was described as "boy bedding" on the site but I thought it was soft enough to work for a girl as well. ESPECIALLY because I don't think everything for a girl neeeeds to be pink or purple..... Anywho here is the bedding:

We arent getting this now but its on our wishlist. I think we will do a turqouise accent wall, with brown shelving and wooden letters that spells out babies name above crib. I have a few more ideas for nursery but FIRST my husband must finish putting the floors down.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to school

So my lovely two week vacation is over and I am back to work with my kiddies. I was scared they would return high on life and drive me up a wall but it seems that some have actually matured a bit in the two week span and that is a shock! I did kind of miss my kiddies but I loved my break.

The holidays were cool Amir and I went to NY to visit my family and it felt so good to be "home" I haven't been to NY since the summer time and I missed it. I ate so much. One thing I love about NY is food. Whenever I go home I have to make sure I get things that I can't eat anywhere but in NY like a slice of pizza from my favorite pizza shop, Spanish food, and a hero from little Italy. Then of course my nana and aunties cooking! I also got to spend time with my little sister who is growing up so fast. On of the things about having a sibling nearly half my age is I am so over protective and want her to stay my "little" sister forever but she is definitely shifting into a teenager and it blows me. In terms of gifts I received some clothes from a few family members, a necklace from my sister, and one of my favorite gifts from my dad which was the Amazon Kindle. I have wanted one of these for awhile because I am always reading 3 or 4 books at a time and it just makes life so much easier to carry one thing. Amir got me this thing for my car that makes it bluetooth enabled and I can talk on the phone through the car speakers. It is VERY cool and I love it. I bought him DJ Hero which is some game that allows you to mix music and comes with turn tables and all kinds of stuff...he loved it I am clearly in love with a big kid.

In pregnancy news all is well. I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow and my belly is growing. Here is a picture I took this evening at 16 weeks 4 days:

Its a huge change from my christmas pic which was taken a few weeks before at 14 weeks and 5 days:

Hopefully tomorrow I can schedule my 20 week ultrasound. Although we are not finding out the sex I am still anxious to see the baby again this time with it actually looking like a baby and not just a bean :-)

Here is an updated Pregnancy Survey:

How far along are you? 16w4d
Maternity clothes? Some Pants
Weight – Loss or Gain? I will know for sure tomorrow
Has your shoe size changed? no
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: has now become pretty uncomfortable. I cant find a position I am comfortable in and toss and turn constantly.
Best moment this week: Someone who didn't know I was expecting asking me if I was pregnant :-)
Any Movement?: I have been feeling a tiny bit of flutters here and there
Food Cravings?: still ice cream
Food Aversions?: none
Belly Button in or out? still in but starting to even out
What do you miss: horseback riding
What are you looking forward to: My appointment tomorrow
Weekly Wisdom: Don't let the over exagerated emotions that come with being pregnant get the best of you
Milestones: Starting to feel movement