Thursday, May 27, 2010

Countdown Officially Begins

So as of Saturday I will be 37 weeks and full term. Mr. Alexander can come at any moment and I am very excited! I do want him to wait till at least June 1st and I am sure he will but I am so anxious to meet my little man.

I had my 36 week appt Tuesday morning and had an internal exam. I am 50% effaced but still closed. She did however,say my cervix is very soft. Baby is head down but he has not engaged into my pelvic bone yet so we still have time. But I have been having some very intense Braxton Hicks. they have gone from a small tight feeling to strong period type cramps.

I still have tons to do! My family is coming here this weekend for a cookout and to help me get prepared for baby. His room is complete, clothes washed and put away but I need to pack my bag for the birth center and I need to get the carseats installed in the cars.

All in all things are coming together. I will likely not have another internal exam unless I am overdue so I will not know my progress until I am in active labor. I will definitely keep everyone posted the best I can.

We decided there will be no pictures of Alexander on FB at least for a few months he does not need to be an internet celebrity just yet :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

How could I forget!!!

I absolutely forgot to brag about Alexanders BEST gift of all. A very good friend of mine crochets and knits and she made Alex the most AMAZING blanket ever! It is definitely something he will have forever and I am so thankful to her for the hardwork she put into making this!!! Here are some pictures:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

9 Months!!!!

So today (technically yesterday) marked 36 weeks which equals nine months!! I have four weeks left to go and next week I will be full term which means Mr. Alexander can come really at anytime!!! I am so excited and CAN NOT wait!!!!

Both of my showers were great! We received everything we needed and then some. This child seriously has clothes for at least the first year! I had a lot of fun at both and am so glad I was able to share that time with some of my closest family and friends! We did get a few things i am not sure what to do with like...... Formula: I plan to exclusively breast feed so it will just sit there. I can give it someone else I guess. My friends say to just keep it just in case but I don't even want to be tempted....I just want to stick to my plan. We also got a lot of pacifiers another thing we have no plan to use and tons and tons of diapers. I wanted to use cloth diapers but now feel its a waste of money to purchase them just yet because we have soooo many diapers. I guess I will revisit the idea when we run out.

We got all of our big ticket items and I admit I was very spoiled. I got a few things I would have never purchased on my own because of price but am so happy and grateful that I got from others! For example my dad bought us our stroller and we got one of my favorite strollers although it is absolutely overpriced. We got an orange and tan bugaboo cameleon much like this one. I wanted this stroller forever because I simply LOVE it. But I had chosen a much more economical choice. My brother told my dad I really liked this and he got it for his grandson. I was very shocked and excited by the pleasant surprise.

My other favorite gift was the diaper bag my friend bought us:

A very good friend of mine whom I have known since 1st grade got this bag for me. Mine is Black and Green. I love all the little compartments and love that it turns into a back pack.

We received SO many other things and I am so grateful for all of them the only thing I have to go pick up that is a need is the additional car seat base.

I am still waiting to hear back from the school I really want to go to so Keep you fingers crossed!

I will give a full pregnancy progress report on Thursday after my apt. I will have an internal so I will have an idea of if i am anywhere near labor or still pretty much baking a baby :-)
I have been having irregular contractions for about a week so I am hoping I have dilated some. But we shall see.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New School????

So I have been looking actively for a new job and have had very little luck. A school I have wanted to go to since LAST year seems to have expressed great interest in me. So whats the problem right???
Not really a problem just feeling am I wrong for wanting to escape the chaos. I work in a High Needs school I chose to do so because I wanted to teach where I was needed most and affect change with the students who needed it most. However in deciding to do that I realized that I also was taking on so many other things. The students aren't my only issue. The school as a whole is poorly managed and disorganized. My principal does not care and these kids are allowed to behave however they want because there are little to no consequences. For example there is a 4th grader who attacked 3 teachers, throwing a chair at one of them, she was back in school the next day. Last year 2 boys attempted to set the bathroom on fire ummmmm NEVER got suspended, expelled NOTHING. I can't take this!!! I can deal with the unruly kids that's no issue but I NEEED and want support from the administration.
The new school is a dream come true its in a better part of the city and I would without a doubt send my own child there. The school is run smoothly, dicipline is not taken lightly and I would absolutely get the support I need as a new teacher.
Does wanting to go to a better place make me a "sell out?" These kids are for the most part performing where they need to be if not higher. The kids I teach now are at minimum two grade levels behind. The need for good teachers where I work is a real one but the truth of the matter is good teachers leave because they get ZERO SUPPORT.
What do you think???? What would you do???
For what its worth I am sure I am leaving but I guess I just need to get past feeling bad about it....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Belly Comparison

I took a new pic today and when I changed my Profile Pic on FB I noticed how much my belly has grown!! So here are some pics of my belly throughout Pregnancy. I will come back and label what weeks they were later:

They have some how gotten out of the order I put them in so I will fix that when we get back from our LAST birthing class!

6 weeks to GO!!!

I can not believe my son will be here in just a few short weeks. I am so excited and can not wait for his arrival!!!
I borrowed this from Jin because it has more questions than the one I typically use but here is an update on Baby Greene!!

How far along? 33 weeks 1 day

How big is baby? a pinapple (about 3-4lbs)

Weight gain/loss? Up a total of 20 lbs

Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively

Stretchies? Haven't seen any yet BUT I my belly has been growing like CRAZY these past few weeks.

Sleep? I am starting to HATE the comment "sleep now" because I feel anyone who has been pregnant KNOWS that by this point between getting up to pee and just being uncomfortable its so difficult to get a good nights sleep.

Best moment this week? Hearing that Mr. Alexander is head down! One of my irrational fears was him being breeched

Movement? all day everyday especially at night I think I am truly growing the soccer player I was hoping for!

Food cravings? Ice Cream!

Food adversions/foods that make me sick? Nothing

Gender? BOY

Labor signs? none. although my body is definitely gearing up. I am having hip pain and starting to get stronger Braxton Hicks more often. But nothing major or to be concerned about

Belly button in or out? Out

What I miss? Having a social life!! Everyone treats me like I am going to break and thinks all i can do is go home after work etc because they dont want me to "go into labor on their watch!"

What I am looking forward to? Meeting my son!! and our busy month in May. We are taking Pregnancy pictures next Sunday and then we have 2 baby showers back to back the 2 weekends following. One in NY and one here. I am typically anti showers but I will admit I am excited!!

Milestones? Under 50 days until he is here

New things this week? Nothing I can think of

Randoms? Alex throws temper tantrums if he is sleep and you move him! If he isn't moving enough or if the midwife is feeling belly for position if he was comfy and sleep starts kicking like crazy like he is super upset that you disturbed him lol

Weekly Wisdom? I think pregnancy pillows are a waste of money I have personally been able to get more comfortable by using the pillows on our bed they serve the same purpose!

Freakout Moment? Thinking Alex was coming early because I was having contractions that actually hurt. But I had under 6 in an hour and its apparently normal at this point in pregnancy.

Here are Pics of the dresses I bought for my showers these pics were taken last sunday at 32weeks 1day!