Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I walked into this cycle with alot of confidence. I just hope my new found confidence doesn't cause me to come crashing downs when and if things don't work out for me. Anyway my chart looks good in terms of I know I o'd this month I think I am 2 dpo and I am so happy!!! Even if this month doesn't turn out to be the month I am happy that I know I am ovulating. I am happy that everything so far is I guess OK and I think the reality is that I needed to be a little more patient.

This month would be amazingly perfect. I would not have to return back to work until Baby Greene (as Amir and I call our nonexistent child) is almost 4 months which makes me feel so much better than sending a 6 week old to daycare. It gives me the whole summer to bond so I am praying with all my heart and soul that this is our month. The timing is right, our timing was right, and I know for a fact I actually ovulated! So I feel good about this cycle but I know I need to be patient and all things will happen in due time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Schools Back In Session

Sorry I have been so MIA blogging! School is back in session and the kids arrived yesterday. I have been so busy getting ready and I still have tons to do. Yesterday was a long and exhausting day. I didn't leave work until about 6pm last night and when I got home I just crashed. I slept from 630 until about 11pm. I then got up completed some work I needed to get done and then went back to sleep. Well I will give a detailed account of my first week in a few days . I now need to get ready for work....

Before I do...I must add that I spoke with my doctor and I don't have PCOS. She said to just monitor my cycles and keep her posted if they continue to be out of wack.

Monday, August 10, 2009


AF has arrived!!! I don't think I have been this happy to see my period in AGES!!! But I am happy to move on to a new cycle and I promise to be as deligent as possible with temping so that I can see if I am Ovulating at all. I will have the results of my blood work later this week the doctors office said it takes up to a week for Hormonal testing to be complete. I am excited and have decided this will be it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

PCOS???? WTF!!!!

I went to the doctor today and my doctor basically told me this is what she believes my problem is. Truth is I am such a self diagnoser (totally not a word) and suspected this. It was just lastn night I was sitting at the computer reading symptoms off to Amir seeing if he noticed any of these symptoms. I dont really have any of the symptoms except the all of a sudden irregular Periods and my miscarriage history. I wont know 100% for sure until my blood work comes back. This makes me really sad and upset and frustrated. I really had a break down today and if one more person tells me "Its just not the right time and you will get pregnant when the times is right" etc.... I am going go off. I don't get how its the "wrong" time. We have money in savings, we have very little debt, we have the space, and we have the desire. I just hope this works out.... I don't want to spend cycles inducing AF by using Provera. I don't want to go on Clomid. I just want to get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy on my own.

I just don't understand how or why and all I keep wondering is WHY ME? I feel like I am being punished for somthing.

Needless to say today was not a good day :-(