Friday, February 27, 2009

Combined my Blogs

I decided to just have one blog instead of one for teaching and one for my everyday life. Teaching is part of my everyday life so I might as keep this all together in one blog.

Any who I have alot on my mind today. We had parent teacher conferences and out of 17 students guess how many parents showed up??? ONE!!! Its incredible how parents show they care about their children. I have tons of children that need so much help. I teach first grade and there are so many of them behind grade level and I just dont get it. NO DEDICATION.... I guess thats what happens when you teach in a high needs school.

In other news I got into a bit of a fussing match with Amir because he does not listen and therefore does not get my points ever. Although today he claims he "got it" we shall see. He has been going out alot lately hanging out with his friends and thats fine I really do not care. But I do care that he has had all this time to spend with them and no time to spend with me. All I ask is that we TRY to find one day a week to spend with each other. Whether its a dvd night after work or something. I do not really care what I just want some uninterrupted Amir time. No computers, no cells just us....

Am I asking for too much???

Of course he states I am acting like he can not ever go out.... ummm I DID NOT SAY THAT!!! All I said was can you in addition to finding time to go out find time to spend with me. For some reason men think because we live together and see each other daily in the essence of going through our days we spend time together. NO DUMMY thats not spending time together,

OK vent over....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Babies on the Brain

I try so hard not to be absorbed with the idea of motherhood but I want to be a mom so bad. Although my desire is real I think it is also in part do to everyone around me having babies.  Amir and I decided that this summer would be our ideal time to embark on this journey.  To be honest this is what I am most anxious and looking forward to this year. Not my birthday, our any trips etc... Just our anniversary and the official start of us ttc!!! 

Ok enough about that. Until another time.