Sunday, February 28, 2010

First day of Class

So As of Yesterday I am 24 weeks Pregnant! or 6 Months. Things have been going very well I feel pretty good and have no major complaints! Today we start our Bradley Class which is 12 weeks long and will be every Sunday from 530-730 from now through first week in May. I am very excited about it but I am sure you can imagine Amir is not lol. I think he will fine when we get there and he gets involved but as of now its like "school for 12 weeks" to him lol. The class actually started last Sunday but my "pregnancy brain" caused me to miss it. I had myself completely convinced that this week was the first week. Fortunately the teacher told me we did not really miss much just introductions and a few exercises we will go over again this week.

We have done A LOT of work on the nursery and I forgot to take before pics. I have one picture of before the room was painted which is this one.

But essentially before the room even got this far it had tan carpeting and was an Office so desk, TV Stand and a few bins with random stuff in it. Amir put in the wood floors himself which look amazing and he also put in the chair rail and we both painted the room the Green and Off White in these pics.

There is still some work to be done but I am so happy with what is done so far!!! I need to find curtains that go with our bedding and a rug if anyone has suggestions PLEASE share. We are going to put his name on the wall in wooden letters I am thinking the other color in the room will be a shade of blue thoughts? We are also putting Maps on the walls...Amir and I both like to travel and love history etc so we thought that fit into our personalities here are the maps.

I am thinking I want to put a wall quote about the world above the maps but I can't decide which quote I want to use yet. Top contenders are: Gandhi's "Be the Change you want to see in the world" or something from Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places We Go.

Lastly I went out with some friends last night and we went to this pottery place where you paint your own pottery naturally mind is all on Alex right now so I made him a Bank.

Now I know that there is ALWAYS the chance he will come early and be born before June but, I am hoping he is born in the month he is suppose to and if he is not I feel that date will always have a story behind it. That being said I didn't think it was a big deal to put the month and year.

Everything with the baby is going well he moves all the time and keeps me up at night here and there but it is OK and I take it in stride. He is kicking hard enough that Amir can feel him moving too which is always a fun thing! I have my 6 month appt on Thursday so I will update after that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So today is Ash Wednesday and I need to decide what I am giving up for lent. I usually give up red meat but dont know if thats a good idea right now considering I need the protein in my diet. I really look at lent as an opportunity for me to work on me whether it be working towards a healthier lifestyle or working on bettering myself as a whole. This is a time to clean house so to speak.

I am thinking this year I am going to cut down on red meat maybe only eat it once a week. Continue with some things I gave up when I found out I was pregnant like caffiene and I am going make a commitment to alleviating stress. I have a lot of people in my life that I let stress me and overwhelm me with their problems and drama I think I am making a conscience effort today to leave that alone. I am also making a conscience effort to actively find a new job for next school year. This school has been the cause of ALOT of stress this year its time to move on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I know everyone is different and I know all situations are different but this is exactly why I don't want to be induced:

Like I said I know everyone is DIFFERENT and I know the particular drug she was induced with is not a common used drug but it still scares the heck out of me. I am the type of person that sleeps HOURS to get rid of a migraine because I would rather take nothing. I just am not a huge fan of drugs and I feel being induced at times is so unnecessary. Induction is prematurely forcing your body to do something that it clearly is not ready to do. I would rather just wait until my body decides its ready. Alex will come when he feels like it.

Just my thoughts!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nursery Progress

So since I have had 2 days off due to the 3 feet of snow that hit DC over the weekend I had some time to work on the nursery. Did not do much but I did put together the crib and changer and we started painting. We picked out a different bedding set:

Amir thought the other one was a bit too girlie in its design. So the walls are shade of green sort of along the lines of an olive green and a tan. Two walls of green Two walls of Tan. We are not but I promise to post pics tomorrow because hopefully we will be done then!

Thats all for updates currently. I am just tired and my back has been killing me lately. Alex has been moving here and there usually kicking right in my bladder. Regardless of where he is moving its ALWAYS nice to know he is there.

I promise I will get better with the updates!