Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank God its Thursday!

I love Thursdays!! My kids have specials all afternoon so I have a good long planning period which I always appreciate. This is also one day closer to Friday and depending on their behavior today I may give them some movie time tomorrow afternoon. Its the last day before Spring Break and they can use the rest I sent home a pretty thick packet of work for the week so I am not gonna be to hard on them.

In other news I am so looking forward to this upcoming week!! I am going to Lorettas house on Saturday for a girls night in which includes, movies, drinks, fondue and girl chat!! Then on Monday I am off to Nashville to see Porcha, Rahmen, Senbi, and Jeff! I really love going to visit them I feel its a great meditation state for me. I eat my best since they are vegans and I am so at peace it gives me time to think and reflect on things. I will try to blog while I am there.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love and Forgiveness

My neice really taught me a powerful lesson today and she doesn't even realize it. She taught me its OK to just let things go sometimes. I was really angry with her last night to the point that I simply told her I no longer wished to speak to her anymore. This morning I speak with her and she simply said I am never going anywhere I love you and you can't get rid of me that easy just because you are mad.

I am so used to cutting people off. Thats how I operate you upset me I cut my losses and move on. I have done it so often in life it means nothing to me. But today I realized that sometimes thats really not the answer sometimes cutting people off is the wrong way to handle a situation and sometimes you just need to forgive and let go.

I have a very close friend and she and I talk often about forgiveness but sometimes its SO hard. But I am getting there and learning that if I walk around angry and hurt at others and refuse to forgive who am I hurting??? They move on, their life is fine, their not really affected by my refusal to forgive. However I am!!! I am mad and bitter and angry and thats reflected in my actions on a daily basis so why put myself through this???

Today I learned a powerful message and it was from someone I least expected to learn from and she doesn't even realize it. She finally inspired me to do something I should have done nearly 8 months ago!!!

I finally chose to forgive Uche I mean I really forgive her. I don't hate her, I don't wish bad on her, I want nothing but happiness for her. I didn't even feel that way a week ago because I was still holding on to a grudge even though God has been telling me for months through my dreams to let go and forgive. Sometimes we are stubborn and even when the answer is right in our face we make our own choices. I finally stopped being stubborn and I finally realized I needed to forgive to move on. I have no desire to be "friends" with Uche but I don't hate her anymore and I really am hoping life is good on her end. I also apoligized today which was something I needed to do in order to truly let go. I sent her an email apologizing for my cruel words, and for things I may have done to hurt her, and apologized for not being a better friend to her.

Thanks to Joycelyn I am choosing to Love others more and learn to forgive. But I must always give credit where credit is do and one of my closest friends has been telling me I needed to do this forever but just like God has been telling me this I was simply ignoring the obvious answer right in my face.

On that note I must go pick up my kiddies who I miss since I was out of work Friday and Monday!!! Today is going to be a good day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Teaching is so freaking exhausting!

I literally walk in everyday and take a nap for at least 20-30 minutes before I can truly function and get anything done with my evening. Now I am starting my next day and again I am extremely tired.

But I do love it and my kids and I am happy with my career change its just very draiing. Especially at my school where I am dealing with so much in terms of the state of the children. I go beyond a teacher I am a parent, a social worker, and so much more...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't Get It....

So I have a niece who is 19 years old. This time last year she got pregnant and she and the guy decided they wanted to have this baby and get married. Although I was completely AGAINST this because I have my own opinions on the situation things worked out and I happy for her. My beautiful nephew Ryan was born on November 7th 2008 and I love him dearly I also love her husband. He is a good guy hardworking and takes great care of my niece and their child.

Here is what I don't get... How the heck is she pregnant AGAIN!!!! She claims they were using condoms etc... and she has no clue how this happen but I don't understand how this could have possibly happen if that is the case?

She has chosen not to have this second child which I also do not agree with but its not my life right? I do not believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control and I believe when you are married abortions should not be an option. I additionally feel that that when people make mistakes they need to learn from them and work through them and accept the results of those mistakes....

I really just do not understand how people who do not want children always end up with them and those that do do not get the opportunity right away for whatever the reason may be.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Praying for a Snow Day!!!

So it is not looking so great outside and there have already been some school closings. However the Chancellor of DC is infamous for NOT closing school... However seeing as a commute all the way from Maryland I would be very grateful to not have to drive in this mess tomorrow. I am strong advocate for giving the city time to get the roads in order. We shall see but as my title says... I am PRAYING for a snow day :-)

Since I took down my old blog I realize there are no pics of my class room posted. I will make sure I post some pics in the near future.

Until tomorrow that is all!