Thursday, December 10, 2009

First appointment with my Midwife!

I had my 12 week appointment Tuesday and it went great. This was the first appointment I had with my Midwife and it was AWESOME. Amir and I really like her and I am confident that I made the right decision in choosing to use a midwife for our pregnancy and birth. We spent about an hour speaking with Marsha about our wishes for our birth and our plans for pregnancy. One thing that is very different from a doctor is how much responsibility is put on you for your birth and I really appreciate that. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat and she took a ton of blood. We also went through a lot of paperwork. We had to sign a contract agreeing that I would take care of myself and maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right during pregnancy. I also have to hire a birthing assistant (also known as a doala) this is basically someone who will be at my birth and give me extra support and help me through the birthing process. I have already found the doula I want and hopefully will go interview her next week. Based on her bio and her referrals I am super excited that she will be the one I want to work with. Here is her website. We also are required to take a birthing class which we already intended on doing. We will be taking Bradley classes that start in February and last 12 weeks, Amirs response to this we have to go every week for 12 WHOLE weeks!! LOL I just looked at him and laughed. So I feel that my birth is definitely in my hands and this is all I have wanted from day one. I have not shared with many people my birth plan because I am not in the mood for the opinions and criticisms. I have told a few people and most are supportive but I have heard a few negative comments as well so I feel I will keep it to myself.

I am also getting so much grief about not finding out the sex. That is something I will not change my mind about. I really want to wait and I really want Amir to be the one who tells me the sex of our baby, it may sound cheesy or cliche but thats what I want. I have started looking at a few baby things and found this bedroom set I really like. I am trying to decide if its TOO feminine? I have heard that it is and I have heard that it is it sad that my logic is that even if its slightly girly if we have a boy its OK because it wont really matter until he is a toddler and by then we will make his room a big kid room lol.

In other news Amir and I have lived in our house as long as we have been married, we moved in one month after our wedding date, we JUST bought living room furniture yesterday lol. I am very excited about this! We live in a 3 level town home and we have a family room in our basement we have some furniture down there and thats where we spend most of our time. There is also a laundry room and our guest room down there. On the first floor we have a kitchen, dining room, and a living room. For the past year that living room has been the home of about 4 boxes we have not unpacked and thats it we finally decided it was time to furnish it. The top floor is where our bedroom is and the nursery we also have a 3 room but it was converted into a walk in closet.

Thats about it for now on the updates I will take before and after pics of the living room once the furniture is delivered. I am exhausted and can not WAIT until the 18th we have 2 weeks off for the holiday and I am looking forward to it!