Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays and Everything in Between...

So the Holidays went well I was very excited that so much of my family came to visit I haven't been to NY since the summer so I missed them alot!! I did not get to see my little sister but, she is 12 and very excited about her new role as a Auntie, but I will see her for Christmas. Amir and I decided we are going to NY this year because most likely once baby is here we will be less willing to want to take baby away from their home for Christmas and Thanksgiving is usually Mother-in-Laws Holiday.

I got the most amazing news the other day...My brothers girlfriend is pregnant too and she is due a few weeks after me. I am due June 19th and she is due July 5th, which is actually our wedding anniversary. This was such a surprise to me but I am glad my baby will have a cousin very close to him/her in age. My mom past away several years ago so on our side its just my dad and he is going from NO grandchildren to two within weeks of each other so he is thrilled. My brother is actually older than me so everyone has been waiting for him to get married and have
a baby. The baby just came first lol.

As far me I am feeling good. No real morning sickness anymore unless I take the prenatals on an empty stomach then I feel pretty crappy for awhile. I actually must not have eaten enough this morning because I got sick and had to get someone to hold my class so I could go to the bathroom :-( . Otherwise I am fine the breast are still sore, I still have some fatigue here and there, and I still have really bad gas pains, but everything has gone from being daily to every once in awhile.

We picked names! We are not finding out the sex of the baby so we picked a name for each. Both middle names are family names and the first names both begin with "A" Amir felt very strongly about that lol I personally didn't need it at all...Anyway our names are:
Alexander Kelson Greene for a boy ( I loved Alex and Amir liked Alexander better and wanted our son to have a formal name this made sense to me and I like the name so thats how we picked that, The middle name belongs to both Amirs Grandfather and Uncle, he was very close to both of them and they both have passed away)
Alia Lynise Greene for a girl (Amir and I both love the name Aliyah but decided we did not need the extra letters and when I looked at the name Alia was an alternate spelling so chose that. The middle name is a combination of both of our mothers names.)

So thats settled :-)

Here is a survey for my pregnancy so far and my first "Bump" pic (it is really just bloat but I am still happy lol)
How far along are you? 11w2d
Maternity clothes? none yet
Weight – Loss or Gain? Still have not weighed myself
Has your shoe size changed? no
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: has gotten much better but I still sleep ALL the time
Best moment this week: finding out my brother and his girlfriend are expecting as well!
Any Movement?: too soon
Food Cravings?: sweets mainly ice cream
Food Aversions?: none
Belly Button in or out? in
What do you miss: caffeine...I know its OK to drink it in moderation but I am still scared and am dying for a coke or a sweet tea I am trying to make it to second trimester before I give in.
What are you looking forward to: my first meeting with my midwife next week
Weekly Wisdom: if you have a taste for it or are craving it EAT IT as long as its not something you clearly shouldn't have.
Milestones: Realizing I am only a few short weeks away from 2nd Tri!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Updates all around

Working with kids is going to be a challenge trying to ensure that I don't get sick through flu and cold season is going to be super difficult. I stayed home Tuesday because I was not feeling too great and I think a day of rest was all I needed because I feel a lot better today.

I went to the doctor yesterday and all is well with baby Greene. Based on measurements the baby will be due June 19th which puts me at 8 weeks 5 days. I am so excited because this is all becoming so real for me. Amir went with me to the doctor yesterday and then after we had lunch and ran errands. One thing we did that really solidified the baby was one of our first baby related purchases! Well sort of. The room that will be the baby's room has carpeting in it and I did not want carpet in that room. We have pets and because of shedding and pet dander etc... I felt better with floors in that room so Yesterday we bought the hardwood floors that will go in that room! I was very excited. We had no intention of doing that until after the new year but the wood we wanted was on sale at a price we couldn't beat so we bought it early.

We have also told our families. We couldn't really hide it anymore so Amirs mom and brothers know as well as my dad, Step mom, siblings, and grandmother. Which likely means all of the family knows. My dad is very excited as this is first grandchild.

I haven't done my update survey in awhile so I will do that today. My symptoms are off and on I have good days and bad. But it is all worth it knowing what the end result will be!

How far along are you? 8 weeks 5 days
Maternity clothes? None as of yet
Weight – Loss or Gain? Gained one pound
Stretch marks? none
Sleep: The exhaustion is dying down and I am slowly getting my energy back....I am still dealing with restless sleep though
Best moment this week: Seeing the baby yesterday it is starting to look more like a baby now and the heartbeat was very strong!
Any Movement?: Way too soon
Food Cravings?: Sweet things
Food Aversions?: None at the moment just depends on the smell if I dont like the smell I will avoid it.
Belly Button in or out? Still in
What do you miss: Having a lot of energy all the time
What are you looking forward to: Getting a visible baby belly
Weekly Wisdom: Being pregnant is like PMSing all the time. I am always irritable and I have just learned to simply AVOID those who annoy me at all cost. It may seem rude to them but really I am saving us both the stress of my not so nice ways when you are driving me insane.
Milestones: Telling my dad he was going to be a granddad....I havent seen him this excited since my wedding!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Morning Sickness.....

So far I have felt pretty good and was actually concerned because outside of a missing period I never really felt pregnant. Then the boobs started hurting and the stomache issues kicked in but it was still nothing to major. Well I guess baby Greene decided I was getting off way too easy because as of yesterday my neaseau here and there as transformed into all day neaseau which nothing seems to cure on top of vomitting anything I try to put it.

Yeah this is not fun I dont think I have really had a full meal for real since about Monday morning. I also have moodswings that are out of this world.

Thats it for the baby update. Life is pretty much the same all I do is eat, sleep, and work. I am looking forward to the Holidays because I havent seen my family since early August and I really miss them. They are all coming for Thanksgiving and Amir and I are going up to NY to see them for Christmas. We are not buying gifts this year we decided it was to furnish the house we have lived in over a year (I know its a shame but we always find other things to spend money on). So we need a livingroom set for our formal living room. We need to finish painting, we need a new dresser in our bedroom and I would also like an ottoman for the bedroom. Once we get that together the house should be pretty much done. The rooms we live in all the time are toghether just not the rooms no one ever goes in....We will get there eventually my goal is January.