Thursday, April 1, 2010

Third Trimester and Trip to Nashville

So I am officially in my Third Trimester of Pregnancy. I will be 29 weeks Saturday so that leaves me with a little over 11 weeks until the arrival of this little one, give or take 2 weeks. Several post ago I shared the Birth Story of a very close friend of mine who delivered her daughter naturally at the Farm in Tennessee in a Breeched position. I shared that she was my inspiration and motivation. I often read her story to encourage me.

Anyway I am in Nashville this week visiting Maati the friend I mentioned above and it has been a great week! very relaxing and this trip has helped me come to a place I intend to be for the remainder of this pregnancy. If I could have any wish in this entire world it would be for Maati to be with me when I gave birth. It is actually something I have struggled with and suffered over because up until a few years ago she lived right up the street. I chose the birthing center I did because its where she had her first child. Any who I have constantly shared my thoughts, concerns and feelings with Maati and she made my trip amazingly special as a result. Maati is a very energy based and spiritual person she believes we all carry energy and tries to stay around positive energy. While here we had a gathering with a lot of the women in her circle all of which with the exception of 2 are mothers. The 2 who are not are expecting their first like me. At this time she took the opportunity to express with the expectant mothers but me in particular how it will be OK and I need to focus on getting my baby out because thats the most important thing and not who was there. She also gave me this necklace she carried with her the entire time she was pregnant and while in labor with her daughter. She said it meant alot to her and she was now giving it to me so I knew that if she was not physically there she was absolutely there in spirit. Needless to say this had me in tears. We all received well wishes and advice from the mommies already there and enjoyed a picnic. It was truly an amazing day for me! I also got some Henna on my belly which looks so cool I will add some pics.

Pregnancy wise I am feeling great. I have some times when I am completely uncomfortable but I mean thats expected and I am cherishing every moment of this pregnancy. I LOVE being pregnant, I LOVE watching my belly grow, I LOVE feeling my baby move....I LOVE everything about it and I am cherishing each and every moment of it. I took the 1 hour glucose test Tuesday that stuff tasted horrible! Hopefully I passed so I don't have to do the 3 hour. I am also now going to the Midwife every 2 weeks. We had a 3 D ultrasound the other day at 27 weeks and 4 days it was pretty cool although Alex was being very stubborn. This will likely be the last I see of baby before his big debut as Ultrasounds are not routinely at the birthing center and the ones we have had have been elective. I don't think I have any other updates for now I have 2 showers scheduled for May one on May 15th the other May 22 we are also taking Professional pics which is a gift from our wedding Photographer on May 9th so May is a Huge month for me!

I will be 26 in exactly 2 weeks and until about two seconds ago I kind of forgot my birthday was coming up lol. Needless to say I have nothing big planned at all. So we shall see!