Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nursery Progress Pt 2!

So I still have tons of things to do but here are a few pictures of what I have gotten so far!

Now I KNOW thats not ANY of the bedding that I originally picked but I saw this and could not beat the price and I thought it was really cute. I loved the colors and it matched out Green walls. For a 10 piece set it was only $98.00 on Amazon.com the last set I decided on was $268 for 4 pieces, so I think this one definitely WON!!

The Chair is an IKEA Poang that we already had in our bedroom we just purchased a new cushion for it and I will buy the matching Ottoman. His name is a decal I bought from Etsy.com and the Dragon is the one I made at the pottery place I went to a few weeks ago. The yellow baby prayer was on my wall in my nursery when I was born and its one of the few things I have left that represent my mother so it is very special to me. Lastly the football is an official NFL football signed by the last Commissioner of the NFL. Amir LOVES that thing and he LOVES football so he couldn't wait to put it in Alex's room. I still have a great deal to do.

I need curtains and a rug, I am thinking blue??? Opinions are definitely welcomed! I want to get some baskets to put on the shelf of the changer I need about 6, 3 for each shelf. We need to purchase a dresser. I am trying to decide if I should get the dresser that goes with the crib and changer with is $350.00 or look for something cheaper that matches closely. If anyone has some suggestions on dressers or has an opinion on what I should do please share!!

Anywho thats the progress as of now! Baby is doing well I am currently 26 Weeks and 3 days! Alexander moves ALLL the time and I love feeling it and talking to him. I am convinced he already knows his mom really well. He always seems to move at the right times reminding me I need to calm down when I am stressed or take a breather when I am being extra emotional. I go for my next appt at 28 weeks and will have my Glucose test then...after that I am officially going every 2 weeks...Boy is time flying!!!

Upcoming Events: 3D/4D Ultrasound Next week!! March 24, 2 Showers May 15 and May 22 and Maternity Shoot May 9th.

I will definitely post pics after my ultrasound next week and I will Post the finishing touches to the nursery soon!