Sunday, July 12, 2009

My new found love....

So I married into a family of horse lovers. Amirs mom owned her own horse for several years and all of her boys, including my husband, are trained to ride. So with that being said I knew it was only a matter of time before I was pulled in. Well As of last week I am taking riding lessons. I am really excited about it but was super scared at first. I honestly didn't realize so much went into riding. My legs are sore and it requires a lot of coordination. But I love it. My goal is to become good enough in the next few years to compete on an adult equestrian team. The school I take lessons at has an adult team but you have to be 30 to compete so I have 5 years to become an experienced rider. Amir and I went out today and purchased me some riding gear. Mainly just a helmet and few little things I am not going to get anything major until I can assure a commitment. I will have to take a hiatus whenever I become pregnant but from my understanding I can ride as long as I am comfortable in the first few months so we shall see. I will definitely discuss with my doctor.

On another note my anniversary was great. Amir and I went to South Carolina as planned we spent a day in Hilton Head and went to Savannah, GA for our actual anniversary. We went on a horse and carriage ride in historic Savannah walked along the river and had dinner it was really nice. We spent that evening hanging on the deck of the beach house and playing with the dogs who loved their little vacay as much as we did. Next weekend we are off to NY for a friends baby shower and then the following weekend back to South Carolina for Alleathea and Erics Wedding. July has been a crazy month.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary tooo Me....

OK well not quite. Our Anniversary is actually Sunday. But anyway I am very excited to have finally hit the one year mark and anxious to see what year two has in store for us. There are tons of plans for the upcoming year and I am just hoping those plans work out. Having a baby is one of them. I also intend to apply to a Phd program and Hawaii next June!!! Those are the highlights!

The past year has been amazing. I have truly enjoyed being a wife and although there were times when Amir has driven up a freaking wall there has never really been a time when I thought it was a lost cause. We have grown a lot as a couple and made great strides in committing ourselves to each other and accepting that God plays a huge role in our marriage.

Anywho tonight we are leaving for 4 days of rest and relaxation at a beach house in Seabrook, South Carolina. I am really looking forward to our trip we will go to the Beach and also take a short road trip to historic Savannah. We were gonna go to Charleston as well but decided against it since we will be back in South Carolina in a few weeks for my friends wedding. That in and of itself will likely be a blog entry! The theme is Christmas in July its in Charleston SC on July 25th and there will be everything from Christmas trees to Candy Canes and our Bridesmaids dresses are red so I think it will be interesting. But anyway....I am pulling out the top of the wedding cake! and grabbing champagne! This also just so happens to be the guesstimated perfect time.

I think ovulation is around the corner (for those of you who chart here is a link to My Chart, although I am still working on grasping the concept of this charting thing. But I think I did pretty good for the first month charting and I have to admit charting helped me be less obsessive! Which is crazy because I thought it would make me more obsessive.....

I am also posting some wedding pics in honor of the weekend. This time last year I was going crazy! Happy 4th of July weekend!! I will likely not be back until after our vacation....We have a rule against long internet and cell phone times when we are out of town.