Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Greene's First Pic!!!

So as you can see I went to the doctor today and I had an ultrasound. It went really well I even got to hear the heartbeat!! That was the best sound I have heard since the words "I do." I am excited so far everything looks good I am going back to the doctor for a second ultrasound on the 11th because they don't know exactly how far I am. But thats because they are basing everything on a typical 28 day cycle instead of my 33 day cycle which would give them a more accurate time frame....So we shall see what happens on the 11th..

Monday, October 26, 2009


I got the results back from my Beta and so far so good she said my numbers went up to 3000 which is normal for 5 weeks so I guess when I found out I was barely 4 weeks pregnant. I turn 6 weeks on Thursday and am going to have an ultrasound done that day I am really looking forward to that and hoping we can see the heartbeat....I am keeping my fingers crossed.
I am stealing this from a message board I frequent on but I thought this was cute survey. Its posted weekly and all the pregnant ladies respond with a weekly update so I am going to try and do one of these once a week in my blog otherwise I will not remember to update.

How far along are you? 5 weeks 4 days
Maternity clothes? None as of yet
Weight – Loss or Gain? Actually lost 2 pounds
Stretch marks? none
Sleep: Wake up in the middle night for a bathroom trip every 2 seconds otherwise I am exhausted so all I do is sleep!
Best moment this week: Getting the results of my second Betas
Any Movement?: Way too soon
Food Cravings?: I dont really have an appetite but the two times I had a craving it was for some type of meat. Last Thursday I had to have a hamburger and I wanted nothing but that and then Saturday I had to have a steak. I think this is because I typically do not eat alot of red meat.
Food Aversions?: Pizza :-( I ate some last night and the toilet became my friend and from that point on the smell just made me so sick.
Belly Button in or out? Still in
What do you miss: Coca Cola...I am taking a break from all caffiene and I really miss Coke.
What are you looking forward to: My Ultrasound Thursday I hope we can at least see the heartbeat on the screen
Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy make you sleepy is an understatement I have no energy and usually can fall asleep at the drop of a dime.
Milestones: Telling my best friend I was expecting. She cried...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking at Things Differently

I am not AS nervous anymore.... There is still that thought lingering in the back of my mind but I realized that I need to stay with my faith. Over the past few weeks I have been taking a huge step in my spirituality I just realized that I really needed to take a step back and put certain things in the Lords hands and I really needed patience. As crazy as this sounds I feel like once I did that Amir and I got our Positive pregnancy test. So in realizing that I put this thought in my head with miscarriage I put the thought out of my head. I have been reading the bible a little bit here and there and I really believe sometimes what I choose the read I have chosen for some reason...The other day I read a verse that essentially said that you need to maintain faith and that fear is something that was established by the Devil. This didn't make me remove all fear immediately but it made me realize have nothing to fear things will work out the way they are intended to and Amir and I will deal with whatever is handed to us regardless of how hard it is.

How I am feeling....
Still neasueas and having some issues with my stomache. My boobs are also beginning to hurt. Initially only my nipple was sore. I felt as if someone decided to pinch them and never let go but over the past few days I am finding that my whole boob is starting to get sore as well. I am also EXHAUSTED all I want to do is sleep.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am trying not to be nervous but the thought of miscarriage is in the back of my head daily. I went to the doctor Thursday where they took betas. I was told yesterday that although everything looked fine they want me to come back and do a repeat of the beta test to make sure my hcg levels are rising and this really makes me nervous. WHY would you think they are not? Is this to my history of miscarriage? I am just scared.....I really just want everything to work out and I feel like all I can do is wait and see. I need to stay off the nest boards because I feel like I always end up reading something on them that stresses me more or scares me.

In other news... I have an appointment with a midwife but its not until December. She came highly recommended from a really great friend so I am definitely using her. This is scary though because I feel like I have pretty much decided to have Birth Center Birth with a midwife...WOW

Friday, October 16, 2009

First Doctors Appointment

So yesterday I went to the doctor and it was pretty uneventful. I filled out a ton of paper work and the doctor asked me a bunch of stuff and then I did a Beta test and that was it. I am waiting for the Beta results back I can call the office after 2:30pm today. So I guess I will call at 2:31pm lol. He said when I call in for that I can schedule an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. His EDD is June 17th I am betting that I am actually due June 20th or somewhere around there so we shall see.

I did decide that i am switching to a midwife practice. I felt so rushed yesterday and felt as if I didnt get any of the questions I had answered. I walked out more confused than when I walked in and that is NOT how I want the next 9 months to be OR my labor/delivery for that matter. So I am going to schedule the ultrasound because I am anxious for that and then I am going to jump ship and switch to the practice I found.

How am I feeling? This seems to be the question I get coming from the very small sample of people who know and in a nut shell sometimes I feel great other times I feel TERRIBLE!!! I am neasueas constantly...and the heartburn stays around daily now and for the last 2 days (THIS IS TMI so SORRY) I have been constipated and my stomache is killing me as a result. I am also super exhausted I honestly think I have been in bed by 9pm every night this week. I am still really just getting it....I am having a baby...I am going to be a mom....Now I am trying figure out when to tell my Principal. I feel I have to tell her soon because I will be going to the doctors and because I think the sickness will only get worse. But I am not sure when....My students I think I will let them figure it out later on. But we shall see.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess What.....

We are PREGNANT!!!!

I took a pregnancy test this afternoon on a whim and it was positive!! I am 12 days past ovulation and had a few minor symptoms that could have been read either way such as nausea and heart burn. I am still in complete and utter shock and have looked at the test a trillion times because I really can't believe it. Amir is being a little cautious he said he is happy but doesn't want me to get my hopes up until I see a doctor and am safely out of early miscarriage danger. I have an appointment on Thursday afternoon.

I pray pray pray this all works out but I am thankful to God that we got over this first hurdle!

We are not telling family until Thanksgiving I hope I can hold out that long but for now.... blog followers you are the first to know!!!