Sunday, May 15, 2011

So much to do!

As the summer grows near we have tons to get done!

Alexs christening is in two weeks! He will be getting christened in the church we were married in on the day he turns 11 months. I am very excited about this as it should have happened months ago but because of all that has been happening we just havent had time to plan. So at almost a year he is finally getting christened.

I am then having surgery about a week and half after that on June 8th and then we have Alex's first birthday the weekend of the 4th.

I am also starting grad school and we are taking a family trip to South Carolina all in the same time spanned so we just have A LOT going on.

I have had an AMAZING year despite all that has happened. I am so happy right now and blessed with all that has come our way. My school year has been awesome and I am so excited to be moving up with my class next year so I will have the same kids for another year. I am also taking steps to start the process to become a principal so maybe in about 2 years I can say I am a principal!!

I should get the results of my genetic testing sometime this week. I am super nervous about that considering the fact that this could mean I will be having my ovaries removed. If it is positive the implication is that I have an extremely high risk of developing ovarian cancer. But all we can do is wait and see...

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WhoButMe said...

wow!! learned so much about you in the last 2 minutes lol.

2 years for principal! wow that is quick. Good luck with that!

Cant wait to come see Alex for the christening, should be a great weekend!

I pray for you every night and you are very blessed.

love you!