Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alexs first Haircut and back to school.

So I am back at work and busier than ever. I got a promotion and I am a Teacher Lead. This essentially means I provide support for my grade level team, which is all teachers grades K-2, and help ensure they are utilizing data to drive their instruction. It also means I am facilitating Professional Developments and helping provide ways to use this data. With all that said I officially went back to work on Monday but have been in and out of meetings all summersurrounding my new position.

I am so excited for the school year. I will be teaching second grade and will ha
ve all of my students from last year. This means I can jump right in and not waste
time "getting to know them."

Additionally I am in grad school. I just finished my first semester and received and A and 2 P's in those classes. The classes I received P's in where pass/fail.

Things are going well. Alex has a lot going on. He is talking up a storm his vocabulary now includes: hi, bye, mama, dad, thank you, yes, no, fine. It is so funny to chat with him and see how he uses so many words in context. He also knows how to talk on the phone. He will pick up any phone and put it to his ear in a second. He loves phones and trains. He is also super curious. He wants to know how everything works and touches everything.

Our big news is.....He got his first haircut!!! He looks super cute. I loved his long curly hair but Amir and I both felt it was time for a cut. We may let it grow back out for awhile before cutting it again. But I LOVE his new look. He looks like such a big boy. Of course here are tons of pics.

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Jin said...

awwwwww! And congrats on the promotion! And grad school to boot!

random fyi: I deleted my facebook account, but can't find you under my new account. Blogs and everything are still the same.