Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Up

I am exhausted which has resulted in a lack of my internet life. Things are going well I am still recovering from surgery. This I thought was going to be the simplest of my surgeries but it has honestly been the most difficult to deal with so far. I have been in A LOT of pain and have not been able to bounce back like I am use to.

In Alex land things are great he is walking for the most part but still prefers to crawl when he is in a "rush" to get someplace. I am prepping to get ready for his first birthday we are having a small party. I invited the children from his daycare and my nephew and 2 of my coworkers with children. So there will be between 8-10 kids and we are having it at our pool.

I start graduate school in a few weeks and I am going to sign Alex and myself up for a mommy and me swim class for the summer. Other wise everything is good on my end.

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